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What we do.

Our Focus Areas.


We believe that strategic collaborations with Vocational schools will enable our employability and entrepreneurship vision. Though awareness /enrollment is increasing in vocational schools, results have not been as effective. Our focus is to make the skill deeper, sharper and more relevant while the participant gets a deeper understanding of survival skills required in the actual marketplace.


Working with foundations, donor agencies and other social enterprises to develop or manage programs/projects for entrepreneurship, empowerment & employability is also keen to our interest. Creativity, accountability and accuracy are important to them and likewise to us.


We create win/win projects for corporate organizations interested in our 3 focus areas. Maximum impact on a budget. We highly esteem the opportunities that we get and we always bring to the table, ingenuity plus dedication to result. It always makes the difference.


We design employability programs for youths and young school leavers. Having in mind how vague and ineffective some programs have been, our plans mandatorily have smart needs analysis, measurable impacts and follow up plans


CSR that delivers. We believe in CSR projects with sustainable goals and tangible results for the beneficiaries, not only result/publicity for the sponsors. And the community always appreciates this. It is the best referral. This perspective benchmarks our work with the sponsor, it oils our relationship and therefore helps reduce friction with the sponsor


When we get the opportunity to engage with Government MDAs with interest in our core areas, we always look on the ‘brighter side’ of their work. We talk leverage, collaboration, smarter approach, sharpened vision, widened impact, relevant accessible database and such other positive conversations. We only want them to be better and to do more.

Scrit Solutions Ltd.

Promoting empowerment, employment and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Our Approach

How we Do it


Facts & Figures

Generate and explore Facts & Figures to create fresh insights & new perspectives to creating solutions for employment, empowerment and entrepreneurship issues



Adopt/adapt programs/projects that have successfully addressed problems similar to ours in other countries, to create far reaching solutions for us, possibly in a shorter time.


Strategic Collaborations

Encourage strategic collaborations that can hopefully develop more impactful and wider-reaching solutions for employment, empowerment and entrepreneurship issues in Africa


New Ideas

Trigger new problem-solving-ideas through research, questioning, critical thinking, guided conversations and engagements.



Rethink and possibly rejuvenate some of the interventions targeted at employment, empowerment and entrepreneurship issues in Africa.



Explore inter-sectorial synergies between different sections of the economy that can scale up the smaller solutions, already created thereby leveraging on their individual strengths to create wider impact.

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